Fall Candle Hall ’15

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find and buy free viagra without rx I was so happy when I first entered bath and body works and saw all of these fall candles. Anything that has to do with fall/autumn and Halloween gets me very excited.  I’ve already started decorating ( yes, my friends think I’m crazy, but it’s OK. In another week or so they’ll be doing the same thing =) ) . It’s an exciting season. The atmosphere is cozy and outside smells amazing. It’s also the season that makes you want to go pumpkin and apple picking, wear your best boots, visit haunted houses and do anything that involves Halloween. Right now though….. I can only buy and enjoy what they have so here it is, amazing candles that fill my home with amazing smells.

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viagra professional free trial pack Pumpkin Cupcake: This candle was flying off the shelves. I literally bought the last one that day. I feel like this candle has a hint of cinnamon mixed in with vanilla frosting. It’s a very nice smelling candle but to be honest with you I just don’t smell anything remotely to pumpkin,

sale viagra tablets Porchside Pumpkin: I saw many of you write on instagram that you could not find this candle at your local Bath & Body Works. I now know why. This candle is an all time favorite with my friends. The scent reminds me of a nice fall day, sitting on the porch before going to the farm. Honestly, the picture on this candle describes it perfectly. Definitely a must have in my opinion.

http://rssbsuratshabadyog.org/?search=price-check-50mg-viagra Pumpkin Spiced Cheesecake: I feel like everybody had been buying this candle because it’s so different from the autumn candles last year. I can definitely smell the pumpkin and cheesecake but not so much the spice.

http://colonialoaksgc.com/?search=viagra-canada-shoppers-drug-mart Marshmallow Fireside: If you like anything that smells like marshmallows or vanilla then this candle is a must have. It’s not an overwhelmingly sweet candle though. It has a very relaxing and light aroma. The packaging is also extremely  nice and cozy. It’s the type of candle you can put on your coffee table on a nice, chilly day, light, and read a book ( or netflix ).

click Flannel: A few of my friends that love cologne smelling candles really enjoyed this one. It reminds me of Bath and Body Works mens shower gels. It’s not a bad candle at all. It just smells extremely musky.


Overall, I love these candles and cannot wait to go back to get some more. The lids themselves are very nice . I’d like to repurpose them in the future.


Whats your favorite candle from this collection and how many have you bought?

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